Bikini Wax at Home – Basics

When you want a nice, hairless bikini area, a bikini wax at home could be a great option for your hair removal needs. Waxing results in a smooth, clean surface and gives results that remain much longer than shaving. If you’re going to the beach or realize you will be putting on swimwear during the entire summer season, performing a bikini wax will allow you to have fun without worrying about unsightly hair.
Some people are intimidated by getting a bikini wax. If the idea of letting a complete stranger in your personal space has prevented you from having a bikini wax, be aware that you can certainly complete a wax at home and get great results. Salons have also gotten some bad press lately with inadequate cleanliness methods and poor methods used. If you are mindful and knowledgable about cleanliness when you are carrying out your bikini wax, you can actually feel secure knowing that your risks are reduced.
Having a bikini wax in the salon is usually expensive. You can expect to be charged $25 to $60 for each and every waxing session in a spa or salon. For a similar price of a single salon appointment you can perform many waxes at home.
Before getting to the details of giving yourself a bikini wax, you ought to know the difference between a bikini wax and a Brazilian wax. While getting a bikini wax, you get rid of the parts of hair that would be seen if you’re wearing small panties. When performing a Brazilian wax, you get rid of all of the hair within the vaginal area. If you are in need of a Brazilian wax, we recommend conquering shyness and giving up the money to see an expert. If you would like to give yourself a bikini wax at home, continue with the following steps.
1 – Wash your hands and then organize all of your supplies. Ensure that you have clean cotton and paper towels available to help with cleanliness.
2 – Sanitize your bikini area with antiseptic and pat dry.
3 – Use either pre-epilation oil or powder to the area that’ll be waxed. Choose oil if your chosen wax is hard wax and powder when it is another type of wax.
4 – Check the temperature of your wax. If you’re using hot wax, it ought to be about the consistency of honey. If it is too thin, your wax is most likely too hot. Be sure to check the wax on the inside of your wrist to make sure that it’s not going to burn.
4 – Apply wax to the bikini region in little segments. Use the applicator to apply wax in the opposite direction of your hair growth. After that go back over that area in the same direction of hair growth. Attempt to utilize a separate applicator for each time you dip in to the hot wax.
5 – Put muslin or a cloth strip over the wax and massage the cloth in the same direction as hair growth until the strip in place.
6 – Remove the strip. Hold the skin taut and tight with your hand. Using your other hand, remove the wax using a quick movement in the other direction of your hair growth. While removing the strip, try to keep your hand as close to your leg as you possibly can – avoid pulling the strip up and away.
7 – Apply Pressure to the Area. The moment you remove the wax strip, use your hand to apply pressure to the skin. This can help relieve the pain.
8 – Keep waxing your bikini region until you are happy with how much hair removed. If you missed some stray hairs, use tweezers to remove the hairs instead of applying more wax on the area.
9 – Thoroughly clean your skin. Remove any sort of wax residue with a wax remover.
10 – Apply a post-epilation cream or lotion to help calm the area and prevent irritation, ingrown hairs, and infection.
11 – A couple of days after your bikini wax, be sure to exfoliate the bikini area (and continue to do so) to help prevent ingrown hairs.
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